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'Tones of Serenity'

Color or Black & White?


Been taking a break from social media posts lately, in order to focus on a bit tighter on photo and video projects (including revamping my website, and other interesting client - facing projects); more intensively beekeeping with Beekeeper Miri and Neshikha; not to mention prepping for Pesach (Passover "spring-cleaning-on-steroids" in the weeks running up to the ancient week-long festival celebrating the Exodus of the Israelites from Pharonic Egypt and trekking to the Land of Israel), so - meanwhile - please accept this brief image of a dusty sunset over our BeeYard here at the small community of Kfar Hananiya in Israel's hilly eastern Galilee.

Tweaked the blue-orange tones just a bit in Lightroom Mobile - clicking up the vibrance while shading the shadows and midrange areas - but then dialed back the saturation in Snapseed to counteract the typical Samsung Galaxy #s20ultra tendency to punch up the blues and reds - even in raw (Pro Mode). Then resaved the finished color version to a Lightroom B&W preset.

So, which do you prefer: color or B&W?


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