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Shana Tova!

Wishing family, friends, followers, and colleagues a sweet, successful, and peaceful new year - wherever you are and whatever your faith. Sincerely, Dave Bender: Compelling Photography

'Arise and (fly) the Land'

Early dawn at an annual hot air balloon and ultralight aircraft festival held at the Maayan Harod National Park in northern Israel during the summer of 2017. While I often feature smartphone photography on this blog, I still regularly use my DSLR gear, as well. I made this particular shot on a Nikon D750 with an older Nikkor DX 70-200 lens, and edited in Lightroom. I edited the shot in gold-toned black and white in order to lessen the distractions of the brightly colored balloons and foliage in the background, and to highlight the surreal feel of the already unique scene. There a feature photo essay on the whole fair, viewable here:

Meron: Sacred Souls, Sacred Spaces

Two young haredi #Jews in #Meron #Israel aid their elderly rabbi at the evening prayer service at the compound and cenotaph of Rabbi Shimon #bar-Yochai, also known by his acronym Rash"bi, a revered 2nd-century tannaitic sage. Shot with my #LGV20 and edited in #SnapSpeed and #Lightroom Mobile. Learn more about professional #smartphone and #mobilephotography at my website and Facebook page:

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