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'Dave Bender: Uncommon Israel Artistry From Behind the Lens'

"Dave Bender is a sensitive soul, thank God, because that acute sensitivity informs his work from behind the lens. Bender is a photographer and videographer, but then he is many things, for example, a prize-winning radio journalist, beekeeper, and a husband to


"Still, it’s the photographs that grab you as you scroll through your Instagram feed, if you’re lucky enough to follow him. The viewer finds he must pause his mindless scrolling to fully appreciate each arresting image as it appears. Dave Brian Bender has an eye for the perfect moment and an uncommon artistry; his work is a thought-provoking pleasure to behold."

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Aug 16, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

in a world where it’s hard to distinguish between professionals there is one attribute that sets David apart, and that’s the passion he has in his life and work. That passion makes the difference between great work and a masterpiece❣️

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