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'What I Shot -vs- What I Got'

'Reflected Faith in Black and White' - a Jewish worshiper enshrined in a billowing talit prayer shawl is reflected in a pair of stained glass windows at the tomb and compound of revered 2nd cent rabbinic sage, Shimon bar-Yohai, in the village of Meron, in northern Israel. I picked this image as an example of what's possible with "meh" shots, taken on the fly. I'd original planned to visit the sacred compound, located on the slopes of Mt. Meron about a five minute drive from my home in Safed, in order to donate blood at the mobile blood station. But I stayed to revel in the chaotic, numinous and numerous prayer quorums - and, hopefully, make some discreet photos, two of which are included bel

'Game of Thrones' on Parade

Stepping away from the smartphone for a moment, and taking a look through my archives... I shot this image of the regal-looking young parade queen, her makeup-applying mom, and her honor guard as part of a series of images at a Veterans Day parade in downtown Atlanta, GA. Shot on a Nikon D70 a few years back, I've occasionally revisited the original color version (with her in a bright red gown and her trio of courtiers in snappy navy blue uniforms), opting this time for an elegant, and, I think, more timeless black and white treatment. I like how her aloof gaze off into the distance is set off against the looks of her attentive guardsmen, particularly the one on the right, while driver

Making A Not-So-'Snap' Shot

One blisteringly hot summer afternoon here in Tzfat, I got this shot of my grandson as he was tasting the parsley and basil in our herb garden. When the drip irrigation sprayer came on to water the parched greens, he reached over to take a taste of the water, too, getting this adorable pose: Always shoot in .raw mode, when it's available, and always at the highest quality settings, and in .jpg mode, as well. I edited "in-camera" - in this case, on the LG-V20 - in SnapSpeed for local eq adjustments including cropping (in this case in order to get his eye-line and finger smack on the "rule of thirds" right-hand upper third quadrant), opening up the shadows from the harsh afternoon sun and popp

'The Golden Hour' for Landscapes

Mt. Hermon and the rugged Golan rise in purple in the distance, as a seemingly serene backdrop to tawny plowed fields, fruit and shade trees set amid dramatic sunset tones of the farming and agricultural community, Alma, in Israel's northern Galilee. The pastoral scene comes in sharp relief to savage fighting in Syria, about 15 kilometers to the east. Shot on an LGV20 with the Beastgrip wideangle lens, and edited in SnapSpeed and Lightroom Mobile. Join my mailing list and follow me on #Facebook for more unique Israel #smartphonephotography, #mobilephotography and #iphoneography:

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