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'What I Shot - What I Got': Kid Stuff!

After a holiday haitus, we're back with images and thoughts, tips and mentoring on professional Smartphone and DSLR photography: Loved getting these candid shots at a recent family event, known as a "halake," or "upshurin," a traditional celebration marking and inculcating a three-year-old Jewish boy's entry into daily mitzvot rituals and deeds. Held at the compound of 2nd cent. rabbinic sage, Shimon bar-Yohai, in Meron, Israel, the joyous events include donning a ritual fringed garment, known as a talit katan and reciting the Shma... Allowing family members and friends to take turns snipping off small locks of hair off his head (...which is later barbered), symbolically marking a new stage

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