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Great pro tips for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra mobile photo/video cameras

Here's a quick batch of shots and clips from a fascinating int'l herbalist conference my wife and I attended (as working beekeepers holding workshops) at a lovely youth hostel located on the shore of the Sea of Galilee in Northern Israel.


Loving the range of shots - from macro to wide landscapes - I can conjure with the #s22ultra:

In video, I usually shoot in 8k 16/9 for the quality and ability to zoom in on cuts, as well as the net gain in viewing on YouTube/Vimeo platforms. Yes - 8k takes much more space on the device and is slower to xfer, render, and upload - but, IMHO, the results are worth it.

This finished clip, edited in#kinemasterpro is from my role as social media/AV dude at our local Geiger English Library in Tzfat:

While the processor deals well with the range of loads in almost any mode, here's a tip: close all other running apps, and shoot in Airplane Mode to give the processor/memory enough juice to function smoothly, without glitches (or getting incoming calls mid-shot 🙄). There's a bit of a focus-seek issue at one or two points - but using the focusing/exposure reticule helps; I think they tweaked the focusing software on a recent update better than it used to be.

Screen grabs as stills can be very detailed and totally useable (assuming there's no inherent motion blur). Remember, also, that video clips like these are editable in Lightroom Mobile, with most (nut not all) of the settings/LUTs/color grading you may be familiar with employing on the still photo editing side of things.

Remember: FB crushes video and photo quality, so what you're seeing here is poorer looking than the original and/or what will be posted in hi-rez on video platforms.

Brought along, together with the configurable #Beastgrip cage and assorted lenses (wide/macro/anamorphic/polarizing/ND filters), two #LumeCube lights, an #AmpRidge mini mic, #Zoom #H4n field recorder, and #Benro monopod, although - since it was mostly a "run-'n'-gun" kinda' gig and there was sufficient available indoor light - mostly shot without all the gear except for the cage and monopod 😉.

Thoughts, comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome below.


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