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'Bee'ing There':

Well, hello and thanks for stopping by! I'll be migrating my online presence over here to my own site in coming days and weeks from FB and other social media lanes, and glad to have you along for the ride.

Excuse the dust, typos, and sharing errors, as I spiff up the place, which was, essentially, dormant up until now; I'll be adding chat, video, and more interactive features - and welcome your ideas and suggestions going forward.

Potential coming attractions include a video/podcast segment about daily life here; a honey of a cooking corner with Beekeeper Miri and Dave (see what I did there), co-productions with Neshikha on beekeeping and traveling the Land and meeting its diverse peoples, and - most of all, your participation!

I love growing in photography and video production and editing, and creating images of life, people, nature, and landscapes here in Israel - and sharing the results with you - and your feedback.

Contact me for mentoring, booking and collaboration, and feel free to share this post to others who may share our passion.

Today's 'What I Shot - What I Got':

I use my #S20Ultra for professional needs, including stills and the 8k, slo-mo, and hyperlapse video functions for @davebrianbender and @neshikhabees.

Just installed a new update a few days back, which, supposedly, tweaked the cameras. Not sure what the extent of the updates included, but I just got these (unedited - SOOC) shots using the 108mp feature.

I think they dialed back the native oversharpening and color punch, but sharpened and increased the macro abilities and focus lock-on, since these were shot with a stiff breeze blowing; we're beekeepers, and I couldn't get this close and sharp, previously: when I can catch the individual leg fur follicles and grains of pollen.

I commonly shoot raw/jpeg in Pro Mode, and edit in Lightroom Mobile and Snapseed, but this image didn't need much tweaking.

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