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'Game of Thrones' on Parade

Stepping away from the smartphone for a moment, and taking a look through my archives... I shot this image of the regal-looking young parade queen, her makeup-applying mom, and her honor guard as part of a series of images at a Veterans Day parade in downtown Atlanta, GA. Shot on a Nikon D70 a few years back, I've occasionally revisited the original color version (with her in a bright red gown and her trio of courtiers in snappy navy blue uniforms), opting this time for an elegant, and, I think, more timeless black and white treatment. I like how her aloof gaze off into the distance is set off against the looks of her attentive guardsmen, particularly the one on the right, while driver mom tends to her own appearance. While the sole copy I had left was only a small .jpg, I was able to punch in more detail, and scrub off most of the noise, via Lightroom and Google's Nic Silver Efex plug-in, and to scrutinize and try to expand the tonal range. Join my mailing list, and please do follow me on my Facebook and Instagram pages for more unique DSLR, smartphone, mobile, and iPhone photography, tips, tricks, and mentoring:

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