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'What I Shot - What I Got': Wild Waters

Ayit Waterfall, Central Golan Heights, Israel

Shot on a Samsung #s22ultra, using a #Beastgrip rig with a 4-stop ND filter, and steadied on a handrail with a #gorillapod (crazy cutting sub-zero winds!) and edited in #lightroommobile.

The Beastgrip ( - and no, I don't get anything from them for posting this - it's just good photo/video gear) is an adjustable aluminum frame that holds the phone firmly in place, and can mount assorted lenses, lights, microphones, and can be threaded onto a tri-mono-gorilla pod.

While pricey (and there are competitors), I rely on it as a platform for helping take my camera work to a more professional level.

An ND filter, if you're wondering, is sort of like a polaroid sunglasses lens used to control the exposure and dynamic range, which cellphones still struggle with - Google it.

This is pretty similar to the original image, except, in my mind's eye view, I wanted to accent the wildness of the setting and so, removed some cars, and color graded, selectively pulling back the saturation and vibrance to accent the stony, wild flora, and overall "coldness" of the scene, shot on a blustery winter's day, with a high wind blowing down from nearby snowbound Mt. Hermon, across the volcanic plateau.


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