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True or false: 'Bad Weather = Good Photos'

'Bad weather can make for great photographs' - as someone once said - especially when you can see through the drenched and dreary scene and imagine the final result in your mind's eye:

Here's an "after" example from #zefat (aka: #Tzfat and #Safed in alternate spellings), in northern #Israel as a major #thunderstorm system roiled and boomed overhead dropping gouts of rain and hail on the home of ancient #jewish #kabbah #mysticism. I shot it on a #Samsung #s22ultra in the #expertraw app, and edited in #LightroomMobile.

And here's the "before" shot: as you can see it was substantially different; darker, flatter, colder, and not taken head-on, due to the offset placement of the flat-topped traffic bollard I was precariously standing on, as the sleet-spitting wind whipped around me. Here's the link to my Adobe Lightroom editing process:


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