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Nimrod's Fortress

Some dramatic shots from a midwinter visit to Nimrod's Fortress, in Israel's northern Golan Heights. That day, between the fog and sleety cold, it reminded us more of the locale for Dylan's "All Along A The Watchtower" than the Wikipedia page (below) - ok - I was kidding. I meant Jimi's superior cover version... in any case - enjoy:

"The Nimrod Fortress or Nimrod Castle (Arabic: قلعة الصبيبة‎ Qal'at al-Subeiba, "Castle of the Large Cliff", later Qal'at Namrud, "Nimrod's Castle"; Hebrew: מבצר נמרוד‎, Mivtzar Nimrod, "Nimrod's Fortress") is a medieval Ayyubid castle situated on the southern slopes of Mount Hermon, on a ridge rising about 800 m (2600 feet) above sea level. It overlooks the Golan Heights and was built with the purpose of guarding a major access route to Damascus against armies coming from the west."


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