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Neshikha's in the Nat'l News!

'About bees and people':

"One of the first things Miri Newcome did when she immigrated to Israel from Pennsylvania nine years ago was to start collecting plants and flowers. Newcome, a beekeeper by profession, immigrated with two out of her five children and immediately felt a deep connection to the earth and nature.

"'I reached a point in my life when I was tired of fighting for my Judaism,' she says about her decision to immigrate to Israel.

“'Making the holidays in the United States was a challenge. I thought in Israel I would find myself more at home.'

"Newcome settled in Tzfat, and a few months later, she met Chaya Ben Baruch, a veteran immigrant who came from Alaska in 1995 with her children, two of whom had Down's Syndrome. She later adopted other children with Down’s – two of whom fell in love and got married." Read the rest of the story here:

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Beekeeper Miri, Dave, and Chaya

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