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Introducing: The Neshikha Bee Safari

Safe, interactive, natural, creative fun for the whole family and small groups:

Learn about the lifecycle of honeybees and their vital place in our ecosystem

See how we harvest honey, and taste it for yourself - maybe even straight from the comb (seasonal)!

See how we make honey and other bee-related products

Taste and compare honey from around Israel

Make your own beeswax candles and havdala set

Learn about Neshikha co-founder, Chaya Ben-Baruch's, inspiring life story

Here's what Allie and family has to say about the experience:

"We had a great visit at the Neshiska honey farm. We went; we learned tons of stuff about bees, and we enjoyed the tour and the tastings, and everything!"

Book your visit today for Pesach week, and into the summer: contact us for details:

We strictly follow all Israel Health Ministry Covid-19 regulations, including personal masks, social distancing, and sanitizing gel usage.



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