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Coming Soon: Beehive Sponsorships!

If you're seeking a genuine, hands-on way to enrich and nourish bee populations in Israel, our annual (12-month) hive sponsorships can provide just such an opportunity: sponsoring one of our growing beehive colonies directly helps us provide the highest level of professional care and attention for our pollinators:

WHY SHOULD I SPONSOR A HIVE? * Honey’s many natural medicinal properties promote healing and can help allay seasonal allergies * You can savor our raw, unprocessed honey or pamper loved ones a sweet welcoming gift * Indulge yourself with our pure beeswax-based body care products and fragrant decorative candles

An individual beehive sponsorship ensures that our small-batch, artisanal honey, is shipped directly to your home or business throughout the year; provides you with monthly updates on how your very own colony is faring, and - most importantly - cultivates a unique, flourishing relationship with the Land of Israel, local beekeepers, and - of course - our thriving colonies.

Get the details here:


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