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I'm on a mission - join me...


For decades, as a cross-platform reporter and editor, photographer and videographer, I've strived towards truer understanding and meaning; to see and share a distilled yet deeper, more fascinating, and more profound comprehension of what I've reported and recorded – whether in newsprint, on broadcast and internet radio and television and video, in blogs, on Facebook, and elsewhere. Along the way, I've also served as a source to those seeking accurate information and deeper inspiration, professional mentoring and advice, and – hopefully – a clearer view of things. A decade after leaving the news-gathering world, I've, finally, decided to own that role and be intentional about it, whether in digital imaging, video production and blogging for family, clients, or – even – myself, and sharing my passions, thoughts, and curious wonderings about our world at with a mission to give others a taste of my inner eye's vision.

The Compelling Photography ( and our Neshikha ( Facebook business pages will remain up and posted to regularly - so pls bookmark/like/follow them for further updates over there.

Please take some time to explore this developing blog, my photography and video clips, read something interesting, and feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together, via Zoom/GoogleMeet/Messenger/Skype, or even – wait for it: face-to-face. Mostly though – I'd love to hear what you'd like me to focus on (images, video, and words), going forward, and - together - craft this emailer into a gem to enjoy and share. The site will include my own video, audio, podcast, and stills, "What I Shot - What I Got" self-critiques; interactive - as in back-and-forth chat with you - content shareable elsewhere; and, likely as not, some serious musings, my almost-witty Dad jokes, LOLcatz' and some of the cultural detritus I'd been posting to FaceTwitGram for far too long.

I'll use it to advance and advertise my other post-career career: event and editorial Photography and Videography, student and group mentoring, editing, local photo treks – besides and together with – supporting Miri with Neshikha as the dorky media geek with the virtual squeaky-wheeled AV cart with the modern-day filmstrip reels {;B^)>×. Enough. Life's too short. Hope to see you all, going forward! Thanks for now, and Shalom, Dave Bender

Compelling Photography

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